11.1V 0.5A Li-ion/Li-po battery charger
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Product Description:

Intelligent charger designed for all types of  11.1V (3 cells)  Li-Ion Battery packs with capacity > 500mAh
Charging current 500mA (0.5A)
Charging time = (1.5 x mAh rate of battery) / 500 mA
Cut-off Voltage 12.6V 
Worldwide input AC power from 100V - 260V 50/60Hz
Built in IC to cut off power automatically when battery is fully charged at 12.6V 
Green: No battery is connected
Red: charging
Green: Fully charged
Compact size and lightweight easy to carry for RC air/car 
Dimension:  3.5'' L x 1.5'' W x 1" H.3.5'' (89mm)L x 1.5''(38mm) W x 1"(25mm) H.

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